About Us


Yung Mula Ben Group (YMB group) is a privately owned Multipurpose company that is committed into changing narratives, believing in bringing the norms to extraordinary levels. Through the leadership of our visionary founder, Dr Benneth Chinedu Ononugbor.. Our reputation has gone from a Mere fashion company into, Information technology, Medical diagnostics, Real estate, Cryptocurrency, music label and importation.

Medical diagnostics: we are professionals in the field of diagnostic science, our CEO, Mr Benneth Chinedu Ononugbor is Certified Medical Laboratory scientist from the UNIVERSITY OF Nigeria, Enugu Campus (Unec). We offer help in Hematological examinations, Biochemistry and all other things that deal with the medical laboratory and diagnostic medicine. We also offer health care advices to people who are sick and Give helping hand in Healthcare management.

Clothing: Houseofcindy, a subsidiary of YMBNL is located at number 57 new Heaven market road, Enugu. We deal in all types of wears, shoes , bags, weavons, hairs and all Beauty care products.
Importation: we are into importation of Goods. We have agents in India, Turkey, Dubai, Vietnam, China and UK. We import clothes and other materials and supply in wholes and retail to end users. You don’t have a problem when you want to buy a car.. just make a request of your dream cars and we make it available with all the papers and documents needed all complete and up to date.

Music Label: We are into music business, we are registered to produce, manage and nurture good artists and bring them to limelight. We run @YMB__records.

Real Estate: you can contact us for your, landed property purchases, we render help in accommodation.

Cryptocurrency: We are registered to deal with Cryptocurrency most especially bitcoin. We buy and sell at mouth watering rate and we pay very fast. Payment is within 15 minutes to 20 minutes no matter the Amount.

Information Technology: we are well equipped and have been into the blog business since 2014. We are content developers, script writers, song writers. We are doing well to make sure verified information are out there for the masses.

Having said all these.. we have made it clear that we are in for business.

Our studios are equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We have top notch trained musicians at our fingertips, so if your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest.

Our Mission

Creating good livelihood through our services and by educating Africans the need to tap from the world of cryptos.

Our Vision

Becoming the biggest Multipurpose company in Afric and also pushing the Nigerian economy forward through Music, fashion..

Core Values

  • Demonstrating confidence, resolution and endurance with positive energy

  • Having the ability to generate or recognize ideas or possibilities that can create positive change

  • Performing and functioning in the most effective way possible

  • Collaboration activates growth


Our Team

Dr Benneth Chinedu Ononugbor


Dr Benneth Chinedu Ononugbor is the CEO of Yung Mula Ben Group. Having grown up in Nnewi, the town called the japan of Africa, Our founder have shown over the years his great Business ideas which have helped skyrocketed the organization. He is a medical diagnostic consultant who has many experiences on how to manage health complications. He is a go ahead man. He never stops.

Cynthia Chinedu Ononugbor

Head of Administration

Dentist Cynthia Chinedu Ononugbor is the Head of Administration of the company. Having undergone series of training. She handles the Administrative section perfectly since 2016 till date.